The Ultimate Hair Rejuvenator

Many men and women are now choosing the TRIOXINATOR™ as the best solution for their aesthetic hair loss problems. Defying the signs of aesthetic hair loss is a notable and visual result that you will see. We are committed to educating and improving the lives of all those affected by aesthetic hair loss due to male/female pattern baldness and we need you to help us.

Top 3 Flat Iron

KQC X Heat Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1")

Product imageX-Heat Technology by KQC is a unique new system that softens hair faster, seals in cuticles, locks in hair color to give a healthy, silky professional finish. X-Heat is specially formulated combination of ceramic and tourmaline ...

H&R Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1")

Product imageSuper fast ceramic heating elements ensure a rapid heat up to maximum temperature in seconds. Professional tourmaline plates produces maximum amount of negative ions to create amazing shiny and silky finish. Suspended Tourmaline plates ...

AVANTI Wet-Dry Nano Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron (1-3⁄8") - AVWDCROC

Product imageThis top-of-the-line flat iron combining nano titanium, nano ceramic and nano silver which are the latest most advanced technologies in the market. The high grade titanium plates intensify heat and emit negative ions to close cuticles ...

Top 3 Curling Iron

Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron (1") - HT1181

Product imageHot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron features 85 Watts of patented Pulse Technology. This curling iron can heat up to 430 degrees, the hottest curling iron in town. The 24K gold-plated barrel, fast heat up and ...

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Spring Handle (1") - BABC5100SC

Product imageBabyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron available in 5 sizes with Spring handle. Tourmaline gemstone crystals, a natural source of nagative ions and far-infrared heat, are infused with ceramic to create the latest styles with ...

KQC I CURL Ceramic Tourmaline Dual Voltage Curling Iron (1")

Product imageKQC I CURL Ceramic Tourmaline Curling iron helps you to get those traditional curls in a fast, simple and easy way!

Ferrari Challenge


A unique collaboration between two of the world's most visionary and successful companies brings forth a new era in professional styling!

FERRARI: the world's most respected manufacturer of high-performance luxury automobiles, with world-famous championship cars capturing over 5000 victories on racetracks and roadways all over the world.

BABYLISS: the leading manufacturer of top-quality professional hair appliances, with record sales in more than 100 countries, making it the driving force behind the professional beauty industry.

Introducing BaByliss®PRO VolareTM. This powerful high-performance professional luxury dryer is made in Italy and driven by an ultra-efficient high-speed turbo powered engine – designed and built exclusively for Babyliss Pro in cooperation with Ferrari. Specially constructed for maximum airflow, minimum weight and low vibration, the Ferrari designed engine delivers faster drying, making the BaByliss PRO Volare THE GRAND PRIX OF STYLING.


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Top 3 Hair Dryer

VELECTA Paramount Extra Powerful Ionic Hair Dryer - TGR4000i

Product imageTGR4000i is a professional European dryer with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology. It is a very hot and powerful (80 mph)hair dryer that significantly cutting down the drying time. TGR4000i has the ON/OFF switch for the Ionic generator. ...

NP GROUP Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer - NPPARLUX3200

Product imageThis Parlux 3200 is a compact but powerful hair dryer. Equipped with exceptional 1900 watts top quality AC motor. Super strong air flow dries hair fast. Comes with 2 concentrator nozzles.

BABYLISS Pro Torino Nano Titanium Ionic Hair Dryer - BABNT6160NC

Product imageThe Nano Titaniumâ„¢ line fuses advanced technology, elite design, and powerful performance to create a truly groundbreaking set of products. Utilizing nano technology and harnessing the high-heat conductivity of titanium, the dryers dry ...

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